Connect Students is designed to be a source of encouragement for kids making their way through middle and high school. Our teenage years present opportunities for some of the greatest moments of our lives. At the same time, we often face some of our toughest hurdles at this age. The goal for Connect Students is to be there for all of it — the good and the bad. This group will be a touchpoint that teaches kids to rely on Jesus and connect with other students and leaders who love God like crazy.  


Middle School Mash-Up

Connect’s Middle School Mash-up (MSM) is an hour-long service on Sunday mornings at 11 a.m. when 6th-8th graders get to hang out, build relationships and explore their relationship with Jesus in an environment built just for them.

When students arrive at the WT Elementary gym, they’ll find high-energy music, a massive screen (picture group games, YouTube videos and more) and kids hanging out or playing a little basketball together.

Led by Student Pastor Matt Messenger, MSM takes over the entire gym, so there will be plenty of room for things like minute-to-win-it games, heartfelt discussion about the Bible and a worship time.

We’re mashing a ton of awesome activities into an hour on Sunday morning. Don’t miss it, and bring a friend!

High School Hangouts

Our 9th-12th graders often meet on Sunday evenings and sometimes through the week. It’s common to find us hanging out at an area coffee shop laughing, having a good time and diving into a study together. This group is all about being supportive and doing life together.

On Sunday mornings, our high schoolers worship in our main service at the school. If we aren't grabbing coffee during one of our hangouts, we’re known for taking over a basement or huddling up around a bonfire in someone's backyard.

What about the parents?

Connect Students exists for parents, too! We are here to partner with you in leading your students as they face everyday challenges. We're also here to celebrate them alongside you. We believe kids this age can never have too big of a cheering section. That’s why it’s really common to find Student Pastor Matt Messenger at student’s games, performances, matches and more. Reach out to him and let him know if your student has something coming up or if you just need to chat.

What else should I know?

Every year, Connect Students offers teens an opportunity to take part in some amazing experiences through Christ in Youth (CIY). CIY Believe is an overnight trip designed for 7th and 8th graders where they meet with thousands of other middle schoolers to worship, learn and have a blast together. CIY MOVE is similar but involves a whole week through the summer when high schoolers live with thousands of others from around the country on a college campus to attend amazing daily worship and fun activities designed to help them have a blast while deepening their faith in Jesus.


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