We believe life is better when you don’t try to do it alone, and that is why building authentic relationships with other families as we grow in our walk with Jesus is crucial. To help, we have organized opportunities to help all of us grow deeper in our faith while also growing closer as a church family. Check out how your family can get involved in our ongoing Connect Groups.

Where do groups meet?

Our groups meet in host homes near Amelia, Batavia Township and Eastgate. We are always looking to add more, so let us know if you are interested in hosting.

When do groups meet?

Our groups meet on different days and times throughout the week. Most groups meet every other week. It is really up to your group to decide what works best.

What will my group study?

Most of our groups use the Sermon Questions we develop each week as a guide for conversation. Sermon Questions can be found linked from each week's sermon video.

Some weeks you may not have a formal discussion and instead just hang out together, have a meal or take on a service project. We find that building a strong community with others is the most important part of our groups.

What about childcare?

We leave it up to our groups to figure out what works best in terms of how they want to handle this important question. But we'll help you find a group that fits your family. You should know that we do offer reimbursement for families who need to pay for childcare during their group. Get the details or request reimbursement.

Can I host a group?

Absolutely. We realize that schedules often dictate what will work best for busy families, so if you look through our groups choices and can't find a good fit, we hope you will consider starting up a group of your own. If that intimidates you, please stop worrying. We will equip you with all you need. Mostly you simply need to be willing to open up your home and be willing to love people.